Thursday, August 27, 2009

Be water My friend !

Hi , Total Immersion swim technique has been around for a long time, I first heard of it while I was still swimming competitively back in 1997 , at that time , my friends and I would compete swimming a length of pool with the fastest time at the least stroke rate . At that time , I would kick like mad and pull as hard and as slow as I can , at the end , it was very tiring as I really needed lots of oxygen to maintain that speed and I could only last one lap. Also , my coach from Beijing would also scold me for doing total immersion cause she said you shouldnt use it competitively !

So what do I think of Total Immersion ? To summarise,

- If you are a competitive swimmer, forget about practising it , it will slow down your speed instead.
- It is a good tool for beginner to grasp the concept of body rotation '
- It is a good tool for retired swimmers to get back into shape
- It is a good tool to impress the swimmers swimming next lane to you ( I always get pple asking me whether I am doing TI )
- I find you really need a huge lung capacity to sustain TI
- I can never do TI for more than 100m non stop ( ran out of breath )
- You must master your sidekick (kicking flutter kick sideways )really well first before even think of TI

Anyway, the video below shows a veteren TI coach demonstrating TI , I think he has pretty good stroke technique, just that he enters his arms and stretches too deep under the water surface (perphaps he did this to elevate his legs) , also I think he just picked up swimming not long ago ! He did a 12 strokes on a 25 meters pool in roughly 20 seconds.

However, I think I did BETTER ! I did 11 strokes on a 25 meters pool in roughly 17 seconds :) check out my video below

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  1. Hey Darren, You had contacted me on Sorry about my delay in responding, but they kept blocking my account for posting about my site, and so I got frustrated and stopped visiting. I decided to check in today, and I had a message from you! Please let me know if you're still interested. A video from the side would be a huge help as well, because from far away/in such a small video it's hard to make out exactly what you're doing in your stroke, especially under the water. Please email me at either way!