Monday, December 14, 2009

How did Paul Biedermann Improve 4 seconds in about a year time ?!

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It is not a question where I can answer , its more like an exclamation ! If you know , Paul Biedermann recently crushed Michael Phelps in the 200m LC freestlye at the Rome World Championship, clocking 1:42:00 , breaking Phelps record set in Beijing . Phelps record was 1:42:96 .

Out of interest ,
I went to search for the 200m Beijing Clip and found Paul to be in the final as well, clocking 1:46:00 , so Paul Biedermann improves 4 seconds in just about a year ?! wtf ? Anyway, in Beijing , Paul did not wear the full suit , in Rome World Champ this year, He wore a full suit , hmmmmmmmmmm ....

Beijing 200m Olympics.

If you are interested to see how far has Paul improved , pause the video at 4:22 and you will see over the year , he has improved about 3 and a half body length for 200meters , (Paul is in lane 2 )

200m World Champ Rome (Paul Biedermann beats Phelps )
2008 World Champ (Click link to see the video )

I am very interested to see the next race between Phelps and Biedermann. Btw, these ultra fast suits will be banned next year.


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