Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trick your kids to teach your kids !

How to trick your kid (Age 3 - 10 ) ? :)

Submerging head into water

Many parents do struggle to get their kids head submerge into the water . So how do you do that?

I have always find this method to work .
1) get your kid to pretend to wash his/her face in the pool . Stating that while doing that , he/she is already holding her breath naturally.
2) ask him/her to hold her breath and submerge only him/her mouth in the water. If she is able to do that just a while. Quiclkly reward him/her with a high five !
3) ask her to submerge but hold her breath longer ( ask him/her to count silently in the head 1 to 5 , 1 to 10 )
4) When he/she is very comfortable. Then now you ask her to submerge her mouth and nose as well . Repeat (Step 2 and 3 )
5) Finally when she is comfortable with his/her nose being submerge, Now you may try to ask him/her to submerge his/her eyes as well ( with goggles or eyes closed ) .( REpeat Step 2 and 3)
6) now drop his/her goggles in to a shallow floorbed of the swimming pool and challenge her/him to pick it up , not forgetting to reward him/her of course !

Blowing bubbles

In the meantime, you can also teach him/her how to blow bubble .

1) Ask them whether they had try blowing bubble with a straw into their drinks . Most probably they have done it .
2) Ask them to repeat the same thing in the water with their mouth (submerging their entire body upright and the mouth only ). Quickly reward them with high five once they done it eventhough it is a small and brief bubble
3) Ask them to try to blow a longer bubble , you can challenge them yourself to see who can endure a longer period of blowing bubble ( pretend to lose to them to boost their confidence :) )

Tell me whether it works! :)

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