Sunday, September 13, 2009

Water treading video lessons

Hi , This is my first time filming myself teaching , not in the water though , but on land. :) I will attempt to teach water treading (standing afloat in the water). Ideally , if you know how to swim breaststroke, this is very easy . (It is sort of like a vertical breaststroke ) , if you dont, suggest you learn breaststroke first. :)

points to note :

Arms sweeping in and away
Legs lift up to 90 degrees and kick downwards
practice near the edge of the pool so you can grab on the wall.
Stay vertical , dont bend your back like a prawn (I like to use the word prawn :) )

Another good and more professional version ( not mine :) )

Suggest not to try the flutter kick one , cause that is tough !

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