Thursday, April 1, 2010

A boy from a secret tribe in Malaysia breaks swimming world record

1st April 2010 - A secret tribe in the deep forest of Malaysia has been discovered recently. Scientist in Malaysia were astonished to discover that their livelihood evolve around the waters and they have tiny gills on the back of their necks. Chief Scientist Mohammed Bakaria said, : " They basically lived in the water and thus day to day activities were done in the water. Naturally , they were good swimmers and come no surprise to me that they can naturally swim faster than anyone else on the planet. "
This has been proven true after a swimming community in Malaysia got curious and managed to convince a boy from the tribe to try a 50m swim in an Olympic pool . The result is an amazing 13.54 seconds , way ahead of the current world record by Brazilian Cesar Cielo of 20.91 seconds. Please watch the video below of a day of the tribe in the river.

Cesar Cielo 50m world record video

Finally, gotcha ! Happy April's Fools day ! :)

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